Miniature Golf and Crazy Golf ephemera

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World Crazy Golf Championships 2006 souvenir ball  Knolls & Holes, Bozrah CT Putter King
Captain Hook's Adventure Golf  Mayday Golf The Putting Penguin


Specialist Minigolf Balls

The Pirate. Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club. Who is Andy Miller? Promotional material for the book 'Tilting at Windmills' Bingo 43 Blue Chips The Dodo.  Planet Hastings Crazy Golf Club.
25 Jahre Heven 3D Top Secret.  Smaller version of Ace Man BOF Tim 'Ace Man' Davies Ball of Fame GBM 2000 3D System Golf C58
Kombi Dusseldorf 2000 System Golf H26 Jouni Ball of Fame GBM 2005 3D L.M.Z. Spezial
Tim 'Ace Man' Davies Legends M&G Rough Tim 'Ace Man' Davies Legends M&G Smooth Gebis Harter Knocken, The Hard Nut. Rough Gebis Harter Knocken, The Hard Nut. Smooth
Maier Classic 1 MG G-2 Pink Ferret Senioren Championship 98



Reyn Spooner American Classics in 100% spun rayon!  Available in grey and khaki.

The Putting Penguin in action with said shirt!


Promotional T shirt for the book 'Tilting at Windmills' by Andy Miller


Promotional T shirt for Putter King of Japan


Living Legend, Jersey Golf cap

Hello Minigolf The Green Glenlivet Office Putting Challenge


MAD silk tie




Saintes-Maries de la Mer, La Semis


Free game passes

Free pass to Cecil Luna's Bridgeport.  Good for 2 people any Tuesday night except holidays.

Added attractions  Don't go over the bridge  Go UNDER the bridge   HA 8-9815  5612 S. Lamar   (1961)

Obverse:  Free Pass  You may not win a pass while playing on this pass.  Good for one free game on any one of the over 250 Putt-Putts in America

Putt-Putt Golf courses

Location Dallas, Texas

Signed...Weldon George      C524287

Weldon, Williams & Lick, Ft. Smith, Ark.

Reverse:  Join Professional Putters Association

America's Fastest Growing Sport

Ask Your Pro               (1961)

Free Pass

Shady Brook Miniature Golf Course 

3813 West Jefferson

One Game

When accompanied by One Paid Player   (Signed)           (1961)




Carousel Family Fun Center, Fairhaven, Massachusetts (once the home of the Mass Open stop for USPMGA players) Ellington Minigolf, Ellington, Connecticut Monster Minigolf, Windsor Locks, Connecticut Mulligan's, Sterling, Massachusetts
Mulligan's Island, Warwick, Rhode Island (once the home of the R.I. Open stop for USPMGA players) Riverfront Miniature Golf, Unionville, Connecticut RT 44 Recreation Center, Rehoboth, Massachusetts (sadly this 21 hole course is now defunct). Mini Golf Yumbo, Canaries


Putt-Putt Offers



Ink Blotters


King Tut takes so many strokes in a sand trap that the official scorer gets writer's cramp - (then he ran home to his mummy)

39183  1929




Richard the Lion Hearted quails before the water hazard

39189  1929

"Paris your judgment was all wet on that last shot" called down Helen from the walls of Troy, whereupon the great lover got so mad that he blew a 12 inch putt and lost the match to Menelaus

39186  1929


The 13th Labor of Hercules - to play a dead stymie on the 9th green of the Elysian Fields course

39185  1929



Please send any pictures or descriptions of miniature golf ephemera and we'll publish them here.  We'd be grateful for any more information on dates.


Post Marks


Match books

1920's Union Match Company.

Ash tray

11.5cm by 9cm. Remembrance, Brown & Bigelow, St Paul Minn. USA

Fun For Everyone  UTOPIA MINIATURE GOLF  KNOXVILLE, IOWA  East on Hiway 60


Creamer Tops

Elsa (Switzerland) Sold on


Click on above image for larger picture of 20 Elsa creamer tops featuring minigolf.



Jon Drexler Geek a Week

MORGIA: Golfingscene of the Rolling Stones with putters on a green, Mick Jagger sitting in foreground. Colour photo 1987  See

Dutch 'Story Stars' Walter Capiau playing crazy golf.  Sold on







Key Rings



World Crazy Golf Championships 2006 souvenir mug 



World Crazy Golf Championships 2007 souvenir flag 

World Crazy Golf Championships 2006 souvenir flag 



World Crazy Golf Championships 2007 souvenir bag 

European MiniGolf Championships 2002 souvenir bag 



Glenlivet World Office Putting Championships Camera.




The Adorables 19 x 19 over 650 pieces Interlocking Picture Puzzle 6631

Jaymar Specialty Co. 200 5th Ave., N.Y.C. MADE IN U.S.A.


Car Sticker

Hastings Adventure Golf


Bumper Sticker

Official Putting Penguin Course Reviewer.  Thanks Pat!


Sugar Lumps


French cake favours

Golf humoristique series 1999


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