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Acquisitions 1st May 2013

Jon Drexler Geek a Week

Postcard of the excellent Splash Point, Worthing run by two legends of the BMGA tour 'Ant & Pet'


Acquisition 26th January 2012

Miniature Golf Pocket Course.  Miniature Game Co.

More Miniature Golf and Crazy Golf toys and games can be found here


Acquisition 28th December 2011

Kute Komic, No. 1888. I won't be happy till I do it. Postmarked 1932.Chas Meadows.

More postcards can be found here


30th November 2011

News Release

For Immediate Release

Crazy Golf Article in December 2011 Issue of Picture Postcard Monthly

An article about Crazy Golf Postcards written by Crazy Golf Museum Curators Richard Gottfried and Tim Davies has been published in the December 2011 issue of Picture Postcard Monthly.

Picture Postcard Monthly is the top magazine for collectors of old and modern postcards worldwide and has been informing and entertaining the postcard world since 1980.

The Crazy Golf Postcards article looks at the history of Miniature Golf and Crazy Golf around the world since 1867, as well as featuring 14 postcard images showing a wide-range of Minigolf courses.

You can order this issue of Picture Postcard Monthly online here.

Issue 392, December 2011 costs £2.60 (+85p P&P) and also features articles on such topics as the Women’s Land Army to Comic postcards from New Zealand and Are postcards better mint or used? As it’s the Christmas issue there are also a number of seasonal articles, including one on Seasonal greetings from outer space!

Acquisition 13th October 2011

1930's Miniature Golf in Cannes, Cote d'Azur, France (Postally unused, Editions d'Art Munier)

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10th October 2011
News Release
For Immediate Release

The CGM is currently exhibiting the following artefacts:

Badges and Pins: 27
Postcards: 258 Of which UK and CI 84, Rest of Europe 144, USA 22 & Other 8
Books: 23
Photographs, old: 2
Scorecards: 44
Toys, Games and Puzzles: 22
Tokens: 38, one of which comes from the UK
Pens: 12
Pencils: 7
Balls: 3, one of which is a specialist minigolf ball
Shirts: 2
T shirts: 2
Caps: 3
Tickets: 1
Free Game Passes: 10
Putt-Putt Offers: 2
Business Cards: 1 Vance Randall, "Greatest of the Great"
Ink Blotters: 4
Stamps: 1
Postmarks: 6
Match books: 1
Ash Trays: 1
Creamer tops: 20
Celebrity cards: 2
Vouchers: 1
Calendars: 1
Key rings: 1
Mugs: 1
Flags: 2
Bags: 2, one plastic

That's 500!!  And we need more, please send us any scans / pictures you have got of miniature golf ephemera.  Many thanks.


4th August 2011
News Release
For Immediate Release

The Crazy Golf Museum purchases very rare artefact

1930’s Book on “How to Play Miniature Golf” is the newest acquisition.

In a major coup the Crazy Golf Museum has just aced the lucky last hole for a free game! Well no, the Curators have just scooped up one of the rarest books on the planet!

The first edition copy of How to Play Miniature Golf; a complete and correct description of the art of the newest sport by Michael James Phillips was first published in 1930 and in its 82 pages covers such topics as the stance, grips and etiquette.

Few would have thought they had a chance against such big hitters as The Smithsonian and The British Museum. But this plucky little British-based Museum of all things Miniature and Crazy Golf had noticed that the unfortunate seller had misspelt the title of the book on eBay. Seven fingernail biting days later and their bid was successful.

Tim 'Ace Man' Davies, co-founder of the Crazy Golf Museum, said “I'm so proud that we are the only museum outside the USA that has this book. Only six libraries have held this book, but now you can make that a Seven! We are very serious about our research and are always on the lookout for miniature golf related ephemera.”

The Crazy Golf Museum’s Curators have a vast archive built up over their many years playing the game, and are keen to enhance this with donations to help grow and support the collection in the future. The Virtual Crazy Golf Museum can be viewed at


15th July 2010
News Release
For Immediate Release

Miniature Golfers Launch ‘The Crazy Golf Museum’

Two of the premier miniature golfers in the UK have joined forces to create The Crazy Golf Museum. Tim 'Ace Man' Davies and Richard 'Squire' Gottfried run the most visited websites and blogs on the subject of minigolf and crazy golf. The natural progression of this is to bring together all the information gathered over the years to create the World's First Virtual Crazy Golf Museum.

Tim and Richard’s joint goal is to create a Virtual Crazy Golf Museum online and then create a physical Crazy Golf Museum showing visitors the history of the game, collections of scorecards, tokens, badges, scorecards, flyers, balls, putters, games etc. and acting as the worldwide archive for Miniature Golf and Crazy Golf ephemera.

The Crazy Golf Museum’s ‘Curators’ have a vast archive built up over their many years playing the game, and are keen to enhance this with donations to help grow and support the collection in the future. The Virtual Crazy Golf Museum can be viewed at 

Tim 'Ace Man' Davies said of the launch “Crazy Golf has been at the forefront of sporting innovation since its conception. I'm enthused that we will be able to showcase the people's sport and its development to a worldwide audience.”

Richard 'Squire' Gottfried said “I’m really pleased that The Crazy Golf Museum is launching. The pooling of our minigolfing resources from our many years of playing the game will be a great resource for anyone who’s ever played, visited a course, or is into traditional pastimes. It’s going to be a great adventure in expanding the collection and setting up The Crazy Golf Museum.”

For more information on The Crazy Golf Museum please contact Tim or Richard.  tim at or richard at

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